-How long will my order be shipped after purchase? 

Your orders will be delivered to DHL Express within 1-3 business days. The courier company will deliver your order usually within 4-5 business days.

You will be informed about the shipping process through your contact details. So, it is very important to fill your shipping/billing information correctly. 

-Which shipping company will my order be sent with? 

Your orders will be shipped quickly with DHL Express. You will be notified via message or e-mail when the shipment is made.

 -Will I pay any shipping fee and customs fee? 

No, you will not. You will not pay any costs other than the prices that you see on the website. You will not pay any customs and shipping fee. All that costs will be paid  by us. 

-What should I do if the shipping package or product is damaged? 

When the order reached you and if you see some damage on the box, please don't collect the item from the delivery guy and want a  "Damage Assessment Report". But if you open the box and see some damage please contact us. 

Artepera is not responsible for the lost item which is selected the option that is "Leave package at the local facility" from the DHL system.